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Sophos commissioned independent research house Vanson Bourne to conduct a survey of 2,700 IT managers in mid-sized organizations. The survey focused on three main areas of endpoint security: ransomware, exploit prevention, and predictive learning technologies such as machine and deep learning.
Respondents were split across 10 countries and five continents, with interviews conducted in October and November 2017.

Some key takeaways:


  • 54% of organizations had been hit by ransomware in the last year.
  • Affected organizations suffered on average two ransomware attacks.


  • Two-thirds of IT managers don’t understand what anti-exploit technology is

Advanced Threats and Machine Learning

  • 87% of IT managers agree that threats have become more complex.
  • 60% say their current cyber defenses are not enough to stop today’s cyber threats

You can download the Sophos Whitepaper PDF below to read the rest of the results. 

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