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According to a warning by the Australian Cyber Security Centre, thousands of Australian SMBs are at risk of being compromised by the BlueKeep vulnerability that can wreak havoc on outdated Windows operating systems. 

The warning comes on the heels of a disclosure by a security researcher who revealed a publicly available Remote Desktop Protocol that can scan for unpatched systems. 

The ACSC estimates that 50,000 Australian devices are vulnerable to this attack, which is easily defensible using a patch provided in a software update. 

Unfortunately, for companies that don’t take advantage of the update, their systems can be easily infiltrated by bad actors who steal and destroy company data.

Software updates are critical for ensuring that your business is protected in an ever-evolving threat landscape. Moreover, SureBridge can provide a comprehensive view of your cybersecurity readiness posture, ensuring that all vulnerabilities are accounted for.


Read more from the Australian Cyber Security Centre here.

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