SureBridge Cloud Services

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SureBridge IT offers a range of cloud services for businesses around the country. Offering domestic services that remain on Australian soil, SureBridge provides an independently owned, multi-site cloud environment that clients can see and touch at their request.

Specialising in Infrastructure as a Service, Backup as a Service, Co-location Services, and Office 365, SureBridge has also partnered with Amazon Cloud Services to provide flexible cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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SureBridge IT Brings Reliable Cloud Computing Services to Brisbane

Benefits of SureBridge IT’s cloud backup

  • Stable, secure infrastructure
  • Complete client access
  • BaaS can be self-managed or SureBridge managed
  • Set your own backup window – daily, weekly, monthly
  • Free up valuable IT resources to concentrate on IT strategy
  • Increase or decrease your backup quota as you need

Benefits of SureBridge IT’s cloud infrastructure

  • Dedicated or Shared IaaS means you can have access to dedicated resources if required, or shared resources if you are looking to reduce costs
  • Stable, secure, enterprise-class infrastructure with around-the-clock security
  • Shift to an operational expense model
  • Managed subscription levels to ensure performance is not compromised
  • Flexible – combine Dedicated and Shared IaaS depending on your needs

Benefits of SureBridge IT’s co-location service

  • Feel assured knowing that your equipment is housed in a secure facility
  • Reduce your operating expenses and free up office space
  • Free up valuable IT resources to concentrate on IT strategy
  • Full access to your equipment when needed
  • Store permanently, or work towards a migration – the choice is yours