Streamline is a managed service provided by SureBridge IT specifically designed for small businesses. Streamline takes into account the things that small business need, and removes the things they don’t.

Personnel in small businesses have to perform many roles at speed simply to ensure the business runs and performs as intended. One of these roles is usually IT which can be troublesome and time consuming for the organisation as a whole. Streamline removes this headache by providing IT support from day one for all personnel within the business.

The service is non-intrusive, easy to implement, and ultimately provides you with certified IT support for the whole team.

Benefits of SureBridge IT’s Streamline

  • As the team grows, there is no need to “kit” them out with hardware and services ad-hoc. Streamline takes care of this
  • Relieve make-shift IT help of the stress of trying to solve IT problems that are outside of their primary role
  • Ensure all systems and protective services (back-up, data protection, anti-virus) are current and up-to-date
  • Easily scalable – add or remove personnel easily from your plan

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