Mobile Device Management made easy

Mobile device management is becoming increasingly more significant as workforce’s continue to break away from traditional office structures and utilise the flexibility of mobile devices and collaboration. Managing these devices though has been an ongoing battle, particularly given the different operating systems and devices that modern workforce’s utilise – Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile to name a few.

Thankfully there is now a way to easily and conveniently manage all of the mobile devices in your fleet.

AirWatch MDM Benefits

To put it simply, AirWatch MDM provides a single console to monitor and control the full suite of mobile phones and portable PC’s within your business:

  • Manage a diverse fleet of devices from a single console
  • Allow employees to easily enroll their devices
  • Enable secure access to corporate resources
  • Integrate with existing enterprise infrastructure
  • Support employee, corporate-owned and shared devices
  • Gain visibility across mobile device deployment

Refer to the demonstration video below.

If tracking your mobile fleet and managing your user’s access to company resources is an area of IT that you need to consider, drop us a line or complete the form below and we can walk you through a demonstration. AirWatch Mobile Device Management is the platform that mobile-centric businesses have been looking for – straightforward, thorough, and intuitively structured.

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