Email hosting

Email Hosting Brisbane

An email hosting service are cloud based service that operate email servers to manage a client’s email. Email hosting services are similar to traditional webmail (Gmail, Hotmail) but with the benefit of features that make email management much more efficient, and ownership of the data.

Where email hosting and webmail differ is in the functionality – given that email hosting will be configured specifically for each client, there does not need to be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Email hosting can include features such as instant messaging, different management tools such as conversation and reading settings, for example some clients may prefer all mail from a conversation to be in one long transcript, others prefer multiple separate transcripts. When you consider features such as appointment settings, address books, and various formatting tools, email hosting is simply a more comprehensive system for managing email.

Mail Security: Spam and Virus Filtering

In most cases, email hosting provides protection against hackers, viruses, and spam as part of the service ensuring that your email is securely protected.

Management & Maintenance

Management and maintenance responsibilities rest with the email hosting provider. Updates, version upgrades, and support, are all managed for the client to ensure consist, smooth email functionality.

Storage Space

Email hosting provides a flexible and tailored solution allowing clients to upgrade as their storage needs increase.

Address Book

This is a one of the most significant aspect of a hosted email service. Being able to manage contacts within your email client allows you to keep your records up to date and potential operate like a stripped down CRM.

Web Access

Similar to Gmail or Hotmail, Email hosting allows real time access to a workforce wherever there is internet connectivity. Users can work offsite or from home and facilitate greater productivity and collaboration.

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