Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

cloudhosting Cloud hosting entails having some element of a client’s IT requirements residing in a location (the clients or a third parties) that is accessible by the client over a network.

Cloud hosting can be both private or public, or a combination of both. A private cloud refers to a dedicated venue or equipment as utilised exclusively by a client, where as public cloud refers to the utilisation of a location or hardware that will be shared with other clients. Private cloud allows for dedicated resourcing whilst public cloud will typically be more cost effective.

Clients can utilise cloud hosting to run applications, store data, or basically perform any other computing task that they would perform on a personal traditional system (PC or laptop). The difference being that instead of using the same personal computer each time to access the files or applications, the client can now access files, applications and data from anywhere in the world, from any device.

SureBridge cloud hosting in Brisbane can facilitate both private and public cloud hosting services. Drop us a line if you would like to see our facility or find out more about private or public cloud hosting facilities.

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