Where wearables make sense

Where wearables make sense

Where wearables make sense


We have written several articles over the last 12 months looking at wearable technology and smart watches, and examining the genuine benefits, if any, of the various devices. In our opinion, nothing has reached the market as yet that is genuinely of value to the wearer and provides additional value to technology that already exists. Sure, they look great and can do some fun things, but in terms of genuine benefits, there isn’t a whole lot to discuss at this point.

However, that was before we encountered Moochies. Moochies are a range of smart-ish watches for kids. Well, perhaps “watch-phone” covers it, but either way, they are ingenious. Moochies are fun looking kid’s watches that have a GPS tracker in them as well as two pre-programed phone buttons which are programmed to two specific numbers. In other words, the child can press one of two buttons to call one of two people.

In bound calls are also restricted to up to ten different numbers, so parents can pre-set who the child can call, and who can call the child. No fear of the banks trying to flog off a credit card to your five-year-old!

The controls for the phone are all handled by an app and even alert the “administrator” when the battery is getting low. They are a stylish design, come in a range of fun designs, and at around $120, are certainly an affordable way of keeping tabs on your youngen.

The Moochies story can be found here – http://www.moochiesforkids.com.au/.

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