IoT Capable of Revealing Passwords

IoT Capable of Revealing Passwords

IoT Capable of Revealing Passwords


There are some really nifty connected devices that are currently on the market from smart smoke alarms, to keyless door locks, to connected thermostats which can all add a new level of convenience and security to our lives. However, it’s not all fun gadgets and convenience when it comes to network-connected home appliances.

A range of connected kettles, named the iKettle, have been revealing Wifi passwords all cross London. The iKettle, which connects to a household Wifi network and can be managed remotely by an app, like any networked device, can be hacked to discover the Wifi password for that network, a security firm in London discovered.

Pen Test Partners revealed that hackers were able to take control of the iKettles and in doing so gain access to Wifi passwords within the network. From there, the hackers collaborated to create a Google map of Wifi passwords plotting exploitable destinations all across London.

Whilst configuring the iKettle in the appropriate manner can reduce the likelihood of such an event, it raises genuine security concerns with regards to the Internet of Things and a connected household.

Evidently, the iKettle does review quite well, however, if you are considering a purchase of any domestically connected appliance or device, ensure that you take the correct measures to protect yourself against malicious intent from external sources. You are always welcome to drop us a line if you have any concerns about the security of your networks or any connected devices.

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